Tried and True Aussies
Standard and Miniature
Australian Shepherds

Conveniently located in Northern​​ California
We try to give our litters of puppies a good start here on the Luedecke Ranch. We start the puppies on high quality puppy food mixed with raw goat milk. We really feel like this is a great way to transition them to dry food...and they love it! (These are past puppies)

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Tried and True Puppies
Sir Walty the Great Tri

We just call him Walty around here, and we love him. We raised him from a puppy, so that makes it more exciting to have him as one of our studs. My son and husband are so happy that he is getting so good at frisbee, he is catching in the air now, so fun! Walty not only has great markings and 2 blue eyes but he has a lot of color behind him. He is red factored, so he throws all four colors. We are so pleased with Walty!

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Our Son, Max, loves to play frisbee and as it turns out, so does Walty. Max is so pleased to have a new partner. Walty is now catching in the air and having a lot of fun. Max has also started playing with one of our females, Beatrice and she is doing well. Max was away, but  is back, so we will add some new photos soon. Walty is glad to have his partner back and so are we!

Our ​​daughter Natalie is enjoying agility with her dog Marley and Marley loves it too! Marley is doing really well and picks things up really quick. Natalie is hoping to be able to do some trials with her next year, way to go Natalie!
To see more of what Natalie is doing, check out her new Agility News page. ​
Puppy Training

Natalie​ is offering training for puppies before they go home. To learn more about her puppy training, check out her info on our New Litters page or on her  Agility News page.
We have standard puppies! Check our New Litters & Available Puppies page.

We are located​ in Northern California, 1 hour north of San Francisco
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One of our puppies made the Press Democrat.
​What a cutie!
Our Sweet Blue eyed girl, Rosalie! We are having fun with her and looking for good things from her in the future.