Tried and True Aussies​

​Standard Australian Shepherds

Conveniently located in Northern​​ California
We try to give our litters of puppies a good start here on the Luedecke Ranch. We start the puppies on high quality puppy food mixed with raw goat milk (when available). We really feel like this is a great way to transition them to dry food...and they love it! (These pictures are past puppies)
Tried and True Puppies
Sir Walty the Great Tri

That's a fancy name for our sweet stud, Walty. We raised Walty from a puppy, so that makes it more exciting to have him as part of our family. My sons and husband enjoy playing frisbee with Walty and he is great at catching in the air, fun! Walty not only has great markings and 2 blue eyes but he has a lot of color behind him and a great personality. He is red factored and he throws all four colors. We are pleased with Walty!

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Our Sons, Max and Gabe, love to play frisbee and as it turns out, so do Walty and Beatrice. Walty catches in the air and is enjoying it. Beatrice tries to snatch the frisbee from Walty, but he usually beats her to it. Then the two of them carry it back together. They all have a lot of fun together.

Our ​​daughter Natalie still enjoys agility, but does not have as much time as she used to. She is busy training puppies and she competes in Horse Vaulting. She still occasionally works with her dog Marley, but is happy to run any boarding dog through her agility course at home. If you would like her to do beginning agility with your dog, just email her.​​
Puppy Training

Natalie​ is offering training for puppies before they go home. To learn more about her puppy training, check out her info on our New Litters page or on her  Agility News page.
We are located​ in beautiful Sonoma County, one hour north of San Francisco
We have puppies and Available Older Dogs.​
One of our puppies made the local Santa Rosa Paper, The Press Democrat.
​What a cutie!
Our Sweet Blue eyed
​girl, Rosalie! 
Affairs of the Heart
O​ne of our puppies, Murphy, got to be part of a great adventure. His new owner, Justin, took him to the Ritz Carlton where he was a surprise part of Justin's proposal to his girlfriend.
They make a cute family​!

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