Tried and True

It all started with True, our first aussie. He was so fun and lovable and a great introduction the Aussies. We loved the breed so much that we wanted to share it with others.

We are located in beautiful Northern California about an hour north of San Francisco. We raise our animals on our little 4 acre ranch. Here our dogs get to experience life with chickens, a cow,  a horse, cats and other dogs. They also get to grow up being handled by us and our 7 children. My sons loved playing frisbee with True and Glory and now they enjoy teaching some of our other dogs to play!

​We are always trying to learn more about the breed and good breeding practices. We have done genetic testing through Paw Print Genetics as well as working with a local vet. We want to provide puppies that make great companions and are true to the Australian Shepherd Breed Standard. We keep up current membership in ASCA and keep current in the AKC and the trainings they provide. We hope to continue to better the breed and to keep learning as we are go. 

We are blessed to be doing this as a family. We couldn't do it without our children because they spend so much of the time socializing the pups. It has been a joy to be able to provide wonderful companions for people and families in our area. We love to stay in contact and see the dogs as they grow. We enjoy the opportunity to meet so many people and to make new friends.

Tried and True Aussies

​Standard​ Australian Shepherds
The Kids
We work as a family to breed and raise Aussie puppies here on our little ranch. We homeschool our 7 children and we all enjoy working together. Our kids are still doing agility here on the property and it is a great way to spend time with the dogs. This year we are also all going through the Recallers program with Susan Garrett (a trainer and agility champion from Canada). 

The puppies in our litters will come to you having already been loved and played with by children. We find that this makes for very happy puppies and happy kids!