Our Studs
Celebritywards Party like a Rockstar "Rocky"

Rocky was evaluated as show/breed quality before he came to us. He is a red tri with 2 blue eyes and stands 18" tall. Both of his parents are OFA excellent. Rocky is a sweet and gentle male. He wants to please and is always ready to do what you say. He is such a sweet boy and I have a real soft spot for him. His parents are both Int'l champions.

He is MASCA  and ASDR registered
CERF normal​
TNT Sir Walter the Great Tri

Walty​​​ is 20" tall and weighs 50lbs. He is a beautiful black tri with 2 blue eyes and a great personality. We raised him from a pup and we are so excited about what he is producing for us. He has also become my sons new frisbee buddy. He loves it and is very good at catching in the air. He is a load of fun.

 He is ASDR Registered
CERF normal​
TNT Charlie's Choice

W​​e got Charlie as a 7 month old and he is so at home here now. He loves water, can't keep him out of it. So why fight it, we just give him a small trough of water in his field and he is happy. He is about 20" tall and about 50lbs. We have been blessed by the litters he has produced and we are enjoying having him here with us.

He is ASDR registered​​
CERF normal​
Our males are available to stud for $950 or pick of the litter to approved females