Health Guarantees

BUYERS RESPONSIBILITY - It is the purchasers responsibility to have a vet check done within a
reasonable time after purchasing your new puppy. To keep up to date on all shots, worming, flea prevention
and any other health needs. To keep the puppy at home until she/he has had 3 or more vaccines except to vet
visits. To care for the puppy responsibly and to return the puppy at purchasers expense to breeder if at any time you can no
longer care for the puppy in a manner to which it should be cared for. 

15 DAY CONTAGIOUS DISEASE GUARANTEE – This guarantee pertains to diseases that can be
contained by giving proper puppy shots. If a puppy has been diagnosed as having a contagious disease
that has been proven to originate from our property, we will give a replacement puppy when puppy is returned and
checked by our vet. Puppy will be sent home with a record for you to show your vet so they know where the puppy
is at with shots and worming. We do not guarantee for parasites such as worms, coccidia, or giardia. 

1 YEAR HEREDITARY DISEASE GUARANTEE – If the puppy becomes ill from a hereditary or
congenital disease to the point of needing extensive hospitalization or from which it may never recover, 
within 1 year of purchase date, we will give one replacement puppy or money back within a reasonable
time frame or after our next litter is ready to sell. This guarantee is only valid if the original owner has
the said puppy and if the puppy was not injured leading to the problem. This contract will be void if you breed your 
dog during the first year.

REGISTRATION PAPERS – Registration applications (if applicable) will be given to the purchaser as soon as the
buyer receives them from the registry/registries. 

DEPOSITS – A deposit of $200 is necessary to hold any puppy. Deposits are non-refunadable unless puppy becomes seriously ill or
injured while still in sellers care, but they may be used towards any available puppies from another litter. 

SHIPPING COSTS - Shipping is the sole responsibility of the buyer.

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