TNT Ellie the Amiable

Ellie is a lovely blue merle with a great personality. She is mellow, like her mama, Shelby. We kept her back because Shelby had such a great temperament and Ellie is following in her mama's footsteps. She is also a great mom and has beautiful puppies. We are so pleased with Ellie.

ASDR Registered
CERF normal​
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TNT Sophie...

Our daughter, Pearl is raising this adventurous girl, Sophie. She is still waiting for her registered name, but Pearl hasn't quite decided yet. Sophie is very playful and energetic. She is still learning her manners, but is a sweet girl.

She is ASDR registered​​
 TNT Rosalie in Bloom

Rosalie is all grown up and already had her first litter. She was a wonderful mom and all of her puppies are in their forever homes. Now she is just enjoying life and our son, Gabe, has taken over her training. They are a good team.
She is a sweet girl.​

ASDR Registered​​
Jerusha the Just 

Roo​ is my daughter, Olivia's dog. She is just over a year old and Olivia has been enjoying having a dog of her own. Roo is very loyal to Olivia and they enjoy spending time together. We kept back Roo from Lady and Walty because Lady produces such beautiful puppies. We hope Roo will produce as beautiful and sweet puppies as her mama did.

ASDR Registered​

SummeReane's Got Ur Barefoot Contessa "Ava"​
We ar​e so excited about this new young girl that we got from SummerReane. Ava is sweet and eager to please. My daughter is working with her and we hope that she will be able to do agility training with her. She is all grown up now and we are looking forward to our first litter with this beauty!

AKC Registered​
HSF4 clear​
Introducing Indigo, our new blue merle girl. She came to us from S. Dakota and we are enjoying having her here. She is almost 2 and will be having her first litter at the end of August or beginning of September.

CERF Normal​
Maverick's Rosie "Posie"
Posie​ is a sweet red merle. She is a little shy around new people, but very affectionate once she knows you. She loves to play and to cuddle. She is a great mom and we are enjoying having her around.

ASDR Registered​