Available Older Dogs
Companion Homes
Occasionally we like to offer dogs to companion homes. This is a great way for people to get a quality dog without the expense and it is a way that we can have some of our breeding dogs live in homes where they get more one on one attention. We like our companion dogs to live within an hour of us as they will have to travel here occasionally. These are dogs that will go and live with a family, but come back here to breed once a year until they retire. If you are interested in finding out about having a companion dog, please email us at: triedandtrue@sonic.net

We​ are offering our sweet girl, Rosalie, up for adoption. She is a small girl, only about 30lbs and about 16". She is completely house trained and crate trained. She knows basic commands and has good manners. She loves all people and does well with most dogs, especially male dogs. She is 5 years old and will need to be spayed. 
Email me below if you are interested.