​​Puppy Training!

​​Hi I'm Natalie, and I have fallen in love with all of our puppies here! I am now offering to train your puppy for a week for $125. This will be the last week that the puppies are here (7-8weeks) and includes crate training and basic commands (like sit and down). I keep a crate beside my bed and teach them to sleep through the night. I try to make the experience positive for them and we have loads of fun together while training. If you are interested, please let me know at least a week in advance(by 6 weeks puppy age), so I can start training.​

We hope to have an upcoming Aussiedoodle litter soon. Look for an announcement of an Aussiedoodle litter in early March. We are grateful to have Aslan, Moyen Poodle, visiting us again. We hoping that he and our blue merle, Della, will be successful.
​If you would like to be notified of our Aussiedoodle, let us know.
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Our Doodle, Hazel!