​​Puppy Training!

​​Hi I'm Natalie, and I have fallen in love with all of our puppies here! I am now offering to train your puppy for a week for $95. This will be the last week that the puppies are here (7-8weeks) and includes crate training and basic commands (like sit and down). I keep a crate beside my bed and teach them to sleep through the night. I try to make the experience positive for them and we have loads of fun together while training. If you are interested, please let me know at least a week in advance(by 6 weeks puppy age), so I can start training.​

We have a confirmed breeding between our red merle Aussie, Holly and a Moyen poodle, Prince. If all goes well and it takes, we hope to have puppies around Jan. 22. Holly is about 33lbs and Prince is 20-25lbs. This is our first breeding of Holly and Prince.
​If you would like notified when the litter arrives, please email me below.​
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Our Doodle, Hazel!